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Local landscapes

A FAMILY OF TREES Mother, a massive enveloping oak Dips her toes in the water She looms out above the stream With the sun like a bird on her shoulder Her arms are stretched as wide as heaven Her hair a vast wild mane Father, a weird and ancient oak A twisted wild wizard Aloof High above the bank His head and shoulders are withered Shrivelled Almost dismembered He is only alive through his high magic The Willow youth Stands silently slender Up to his single thigh in the swollen stream Like a stork in motionless meditation The toddlers A cluster of mischievous thorns Scrabble in the muddy hollow All arms and legs and elbows Having fun Uncle has arms like tentacles Snaking up and out and round From his hideout Below the bridge He is a tree troll His fingers Drum on the parapet A challenge to every traveller Who walks his way

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