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Image 1 for Beavers
Open to boys and girls age 6-8yrs

We now have three colonies who meet weekly in the Scout hut.

Churchill Colony: Monday 17.30-18.45

Mountbatten Colony: Wednesday 18.00-19.00

Montgomery Colony: Friday 18.30-19.45

Image 2 for Beavers Beaver Scouting is about:

* having fun

* making friends

* keeping the Promise

* sharing

* making progress

* using a variety of groupings

These underpin all that is done in the Colony. Using a variety of methods, Beaver Scouts are guided to:

* learn about themselves

* get to know people

* explore

* care

* be creative

Leaders are encouraged to approach each of these areas in a variety of ways by including activities sometimes close to the Beaver Scouts' own experiences, sometimes based in the local community and sometimes introducing them to issues in the wider world.

For joining information contact:witneyscouts@yahoo.co.uk