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Results for 26 Jul

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Results 26 July

The weather was very kind to us and we were well attended on this our 2nd competition. Any Rossettes and sheets not collected have been left in Flying Changes Tack shop for collection. Thank you for all who attended and supported Jessicas World Challenge! Some pics will follow shortly

Class 1 Results Class2 Results

1st Laura Hancock & Murrey Min 1st Sarah MAcnab & Hattig
2nd Sarah Mnab & Hattig 2nd Rebecca Evans & Harvey
3rd Laura Hancock & Lilly 3rd Sue Church & Scarlett
4th Charlotte Wigmore & Granny 4th Izzy Taylor & Georga
5th Sue Church & Scarlet 5th Laura Hancock & Lilly
6th Jo Ryappan & FLeur 6th Charlotte Wigmore & Granny