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Village Hall Committee Meeting Minutes

Last Updated 29 July 2017 16:48

Swerford Village Hall Committee

Minutes of the meeting held on 23 May 2017

Present: Charlotte Douglas, John Chaplin, Kate Campion, June Haigh, Roy Haigh, Alex Stanton, Gavin Strachan andLeonard Tustian.

Apologies for absence: Charles Campion

1. Minutes from the previous meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved and signed.

2. Matter arising from the previous minutes

The Chairman of the Parish Council, Jonathan Drinkwater, relayed his thanks that the Village Hall Committee meeting minutes were going on the website.

Coffee morning and plant sale

The coffee morning and plant sale on 1 April was successful, and raised £147.80 which included the sales of plants as well as the raffle.

Howden Jones concert

The concert by Howden Jones on 13 May was well received. Twenty four people paid and 21 attended. While low in terms of attendance the Hall seemed reasonably full and the band appeared to be happy.

It was thought that it would be difficult to many more attending unless the playing group had its own followers, or substantial promotion was made in other villages.

£200 was given to Howden Jones; and £54, basically from the raffle, was retained for the Hall.

Open Gardens 17 and 18 June

John Chaplin updated the committee on the Open Gardens weekend and produced a promotional leaflet for the event. Proceeds from the event will be donated 50/50 to the Church and Katharine House Hospice.

The event was nothing to do with the Village Hall in terms of administration, excepting that, for ease, the Village Hall bank account would be used for receipts and disbursements. The Village Hall’s liability insurance could not be transferred for parking of cars in Leonard Tustian’s field, and as a result a disclaiming notice will be posted. The Gardens team will rent the hall and the hall will sell teas. Nine gardens will be open, and there a flower festival held in the Church. Two separate talks will be given, one on each of the two afternoons. Raffle tickets will be on sale for a draw on the Monday following the event, and there will be a tombola at Lands Farm.

Tickets for the weekend will be on sale in the Church (and in each garden). Charlotte Douglas will organise a rota for the Church ticket sales.Kate Campion suggested that a sound machine playing appropriate music be put into the Church.

Other matters arising from the minutes

• The defibrillator has arrived.

• The hot water was now working.

• Cracks in the fabric and plant growth in the gutters will continue to be monitored.

• Trees in the garden. Discussion took place during the meeting and a visitat the end of the meeting was made to the garden.It was generally agreed that any potential work be looked at again in 2018.

3. Future events

There was a consensus that the now well-established formula of an autumn coffee morning, the village quiz in February, and the plant sale in April worked well, so this leaved slots for an event in October and a possible one at Christmas.

Instead of a coffee morning in September with just a book sale it was thought that a coffee morning with books, toys, board games should be organised.

Suggested by Kate Campion for a talk in October was one by Harry and Charlotte Campion, and Charles Drinkwater, about their recent travels.

For the Christmas event, as children might well be involved, one possibility, proposed by Kate Campion, was a Punch and Judy show, or, proposed by Alex Stanton, a story teller.

Kate agreed to report back on the Punch and Judy lady and on the Campion/Drinkwater talk, but said there was no reason why the latter should not take place.

Other suggestions as to possible events included other lecturers, but bring and buy sales tended to produce inappropriate contributions and wine and similar tastings were probably not feasible as the sponsors of such things looked for sales in excess of what Swerford could probably produce in terms of attendees.

4. Finances

John Chaplin reported that the Church had paid for its recent meetings in the hall. He said that he would email committee members with the latest figures.

5. Any other business

There was no other business.

6. Next meeting

1 August 2017 at 7.30 pm which would include discussion about setting in motion the autumn’s events.

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