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Village Hall Committee Meeting Minutes

Last Updated 05 February 2019 13:10

Swerford Village Hall Committee Minutes of the meeting held on 15 January 2019

Present: Charlotte Douglass, John Chaplin, June Haigh, Kate Campion, Roy Haigh, Gavin Strachan, Alex Stanton, Leonard Tustian.

Action 1. Apologies for absence: Charles Campion and Carla McKay.

2. Matters arriving from minutes of last meeting

Debrief on party before the carol service. £171 was raised of which over £140 was transferred to St Maryís. The hall retained £16 which is the equivalent of two hoursí rent.

As there was some abuse over the payment for subsequent glasses of mulled wine, it was suggested that on the next occasion drinkers should buy tickets for each glass. There was also discussion as to whether the 2019 party should start about quarter of an hour later. The mulled white wine was praised.

About 125 attended the carol service. Coffee dispenser(s). Kate had not yet sourced any, but said she would do so. Tree surgeon. Kate agreed to remind Charles Campion of the hallís potential need. She also raised the problem of liability for falling trees and branches.

Electrics. John has obtained quotes for work in the hall. Nothing is mandatory, but it would be nice to do the work. The priority, however, was to check the cracks.

3. Future events

Maurice George book launch of his latest self-published cat book is to be held in the village hall on 2 February at 7.30. This is more a hiring of the hall, than a village hall event, but it is aimed at the village. Charlotte to liaise with Maurice George on the details.

Valuation day Mallams are bringing a valuation team on Friday 15 February between 3pm and 5.30pm. It was agreed that we should charge £1 per item valued, and our usual amounts for tea, coffee and cakes. Kate agreed to bake some cakes.

It was also agreed that somebody would be at the door to take the cash and direct visitors to the right valuation table. It was agreed that a notice should be put on the door giving instructions.

A notice would be put in The Swerford Insight to cover both the Maurice George event and Mallamsí. Gavin will pass to John what is agreed with Mallams.

The Quiz is now on 23 March. It is being organised by Nick Davies and Charlotte, and Ian and Sarah Heath. John will send Sarah Heath the publicity for authorisation.

The Village Hall AGM will be held on 23 April.

The Coffee morning and plant sale will be held on 4 May.

Talk. Gavin Strachan agreed to give a lecture about the English Marco Polo, Thomas Coryate, on Saturday 22 June.

4. Finances

John reported that the village hall will break even in the current financial year taking account of the current position and the likely income from the quiz.

The main income is in the form of a donation from the Swerford Charity of £500, while the major expenditure has been £4,500 for the cost of the new kitchen roof, and associated work, (a further £1,000 was paid for the roof by the Parish Council).

John said that we probably need to raise some money, and suggested we think about how best to do this.

5. Cracks

John explained about the underpinning undertaken 1989 and 1990, and the 2005 inspection which showed that as the hall is built on clay it will move with the seasons. It was not clear whether the cracking is an insured risk, but John agreed that is was now time to inform the insurers. John is working through the papers and will draft a letter to send to them.

6. Any other business

Storage of picture screen lights The lights that attach to the picture hanging screens belong to Charlotte but need storage in the village hall. They could be rented out if required.

Committee members

Carla McKay would like to resign. It was agreed that Charlotte should send her a note of thanks.

It was agreed that the more people that were involved on the committee the more people would attend village hall events and the easier was the overall load of work. Two candidates were suggested and John agreed to speak to both of them. Charlotte advised the committee that she was not getting any better. She was seeing a consultant on 29 January.

Risk assessment

Kate raised the question as to whether we need to undertake a risk assessment if and when we rent out the hall. John suggested that we were showing that we were taking reasonable care if we kept a note of any accidents, and followed up on any comments made by others.

7. Next meeting

It was agreed that a meeting would be on 23 April after the AGM.

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