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Swerford PC agenda

Swerford Parish Council

Parish Council Committee Meeting:

Swerford Village Hall

Tuesday 14 August 2018 at 19:30 hrs


1. Apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of Interest and reminder of the Code of Conduct.

3. Approval of minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 17MAY18.

4. Matters arising:

a. Internal Audit: see below;

b. Playing Fields: updated position and ROSPA response;

c. HSBC: update and ratification as to mandate signatories, in a form acceptable to HSBC, noting account details in full;

d. Chapel End tree; update and cost approval;

e. Swerford Charity: clarification as to trustee dates of tenure and overall relationship to Council;

f. Register of Title Deeds:

completion and safe-custody (FR 13.1);

g. Register of Assets: completion (FR 13.3);

h. CPR training: update;

i. Confirmation of payment to Mrs M Chaplin for website work;

j. Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities: documentation to be published on website by 1JUL18.

5. Planning Applications Received since last meeting:

a. 18/02088/FUL - The Studio, Potato Town. No Objection advised.

6. Salt and salt bins: requirement for this winter in terms of salt (£100 per bag) and/or new bins (£250 + VAT). Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) email of 31JUL18 forwarded to Councillors refers.Deadline 25SEP18.

7. Financial update and Statement:

a. Receipt and Approval of Annual Financial Statements (SO 4.3.2);

b. Statement of Year-to-Date Receipts and Payments, actual versus forecast (FR 3.2 and Standing Order (SO) 4.3.2);

c. Summary of Balances Held (SO 4.2.1);

d. Annual Audited Accounts (website and Notice Boards (SO 4.4.5);

e. Confirmation of Insurance held (Financial Regulation (FR) 14.3), including that by Village Hall (FR 14.2);

f. Completion of an Annual Finance Timetable and confirmation as to what is to be published on website.

8. Internal Audit:

a. Presentation and Approval of Internal Audit Report (SO 4.4.5) and any Matters Arising including:

i. Public Land and Building Assets Register: clarify and create- FR to be amended in due course;

ii. Fidelity Insurance held and sufficiency;

iii. Appropriate Reserves and earmarks.

b. Approval of Fee.

9. General Governance

a. 2016/17 Internal Audit commented that some ‘Proper Practices’, in some unspecified way, had not been adhered to. To be clarified.

b. Swerford Council’s ‘Publication Scheme’, details currently relate to G Castle’s time as Chairman, requires updating.

10. Any other business

a. Village Hall: has reported that the cost of roof repairs totalled £5,600 inc. VAT. The cost agreed for the Parish Council is as outlined in John Chaplin’s email to Councillors of 13JUL18: £850 plus VAT of £170, fully recoverable.

Requires approval/ratification and action to recover the VAT.

b. Green and Verges Policy

Document: - update from Colin Ford;

c. War memorial Project;

d. Armistice Day celebrations: update from Jane Abbott;

e. Tree of Remembrance Project;

OCC has offered a tree, provided by The Woodland Trust, to be planted in November onwards, in commemoration of the Centenary of the WW1 armistice.

With this is a plaque, the wording agreed with the Armed Forces. ‘Planted on the Centenary of the Armistice in remembrance of all in this community whose lives were changed by World War One. OCC/The Woodland Trust’.

Details outlined in their email of 31JUL18 have been circulated to Councillors.

To proceed OCC needs:

(a) contact details

(b) a suitable site

(c)a name as to whom will lead and attend the planting event.

f. Village Ride-on Mower: to discard and hire third party to mow; to buy new £1.500; to repair £550: as per John Chaplin’s email to Councillors of 2AUG18.

g. Gigaclear activity update.

h. Land Registration of the Village Greens.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.



Swerford Parish Council Annual Parish Council Committee Meeting

Thursday 17 May 2018 at 19:30 hrs Swerford Village Hall


1. The appointment of the Parish Council Chairman

a. Any consideration as to a Vice Chairman

2. Apologies for absence

3. Declarations of Interest (in respect of subjects likely to arise)

4. Approval of minutes from last meeting on 12th April 2018 and of the Parish Assembly on 4th May 2018

5. Matters arising

a. Internal Audit: progress

b. Playing Fields: account closures and the ROSPA response

c. Amendment of mandate with HSBC

d. Chapel End quote for tree work

e. Website update: what is to be on it including Financial Regulations, Standing Orders, Minutes?

f. CPR training scheduled for April

6. Election of Officers

7. Financial update and Statement

a. 2018-2019 Budget

b. Insurance Cover

8. Financial Governance

a. Updated Financial Risk Assessment

i. 6 monthly training at Oxfordshire District Council (with one other ‘designated’ member)

b. Review and Adoption of Updated Financial Regulations

c. Accounts and Audit Regulations

d. An annual finance timetable: Precept, Annual Budget, Quarterly and Annual Statements, Audits (Internal and External and appointments thereof), Insurance, Financial Risk Assessment

9. General Governance

a. Review and Adoption of Standing Orders

b. Review and Adoption of Code of Conduct

c. Minutes and recommendations of any committees

d. Review of Terms of Reference and any related matters

e. The Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) and a review of his/her duties especially in conjunction with the Parish Clerk

f. The appointment of a Vice-Chairman

g. Register of Interests (re OALC newsletter)

h. Frequency of future council meetings over the next twelve months

10. Swerford Charity Trustees

11. Any other business

a. Title Deeds, their safe-keeping, and a record of properties owned by the Council

b. Village Hall

i. contribution to costs of roof repairs

ii. the need, or otherwise, for Village Hall accounts, now sent annually to RFO ‘for information’. (Should they be for review, information, audited? What about insurance cover - Council owns the land but presumably not the building?)

c. Green and Verges Policy Document (goes back to 2016; last discussed 3AUG17)

d. War memorial Project (last discussed 3AUG17) e. Armistice Day celebrations

f. Committees and Council Representation

i. Playing Fields

ii. Village Hall

iii. Stores and Equipment (laid down as the responsibility of the RFO)

All members of the public are welcome to attend, please forward agenda items to William Haddon ( or telephone 730769 by close of business on Monday 14thMay 2018

(The last Annual Parish Council Meeting was held on 18 May 2017.)

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