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St Marys Church today

Some photographs of the outside and inside of St Mary's Swerford

St Marys today

Although because of various changes which have occurred within the village over time,the congregation is small, St Mary's is a prominent feature which is valued by Swerford's inhabitants whether religious or not.

At the beginning of June the whole village made a concerted effort to ensure the success of the Open Gardens Weekend. The aim was to raise funds for the village hall and for St Mary's.

St Marys Church


Inside the church

It provides a place for quiet reflection for people of all faiths or none.The comments in the visitors book are a testament to this.

St Marys Swerford

The bell tower

The bells were rehung and a new one bought by the village to celebrate the Millennium.A plaque on the wall commemorates the ringing in of the year 2000 and names the ringers.

St Marys Swerford

The new altar rail kneelers

Members of the congregation have recently completed new, handworked kneelers for the altar rail.The design co-ordinates with the ones worked for The Ringers to celebrate the Millennium.

St Marys church Swerford

Memorial to a son of Swerford

Villagers also contributed to place a memorial to John King, the first missionary to the Maoris.

St Marys Swerford

Leper window

On the south side of the church is a small opening window called a 'leper'window which would have allowed Communion to be passed to those not allowed inside.

St Marys Swerford

Leper stone

Beneath the window is a stone on which communicants would kneel to receive the blessing.

St Marys Swerford

South window from inside

St Marys Swerford

View from the bailey

Our lovely church faces a real threat of closure.The five yearly survey is now due. Who knows what hidden horrors will be revealed?

The Friends of St Mary's Swerford has been formed by St Mary's District Council to raise money for the repair,maintenance and alteration of St Mary's church and churchyard. The funds will be held in a separate restricted account and will only be used for the above purposes.

St Marys Swerford

Looking to the future

The present policy is to build up a fund so that there are monies available to meet the inevitable repairs which can be expected in maintaining an 800yr old building. Only when the results of the impending survey are known can a way forward be planned.

Any donations to the fund,small or large will be greatly appreciated. Cheques should be made out to 'The Friends of St Mary's Swerford'and sent to:
Address: Charles Campion(Treasurer)
Lands Farm House
East End
Chipping Norton

St Mary's Swerford

Answer to the Home Page question.

These are SCRATCH DIALS.Before the days of websites and newsletters times of church services would be indicated on these dials on the church porch.

St Mary's Swerford

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