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Parish Council Meetings

Last Updated 24 May 2017 15:51


5 May 2017 - 19:30 hours - Parish Assembly

18 May 2017 - 19:00 - Annual Parish Council Meeting

3 August 2017 - 19:00 hours - Parish Council Meeting

2 November 2017 - 19:00 hours - Parish Council Meeting


All members of the public are welcome to attend.


05 May 2017 AT 19:30 in Swerford Village Hall

Present: Mr J Drinkwater Chairman Mr M Poke Vice Chairman Mrs T Poke Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer (Appointed) Mr C Ford Parish Councillor Mr L Tustian Parish Councillor

Maggie Chaplin, Richard & Annabel Hall, Charlotte Douglass, Jennie Tustian, David & Deborah Lang, Maurice George Andrew Beaney (WODC), Nigel Colston (WODC), PCSO Phil Workman (TVP)

1.0 Apologies

PCSO Chris Jones (TVP), Gay Ford, Philippa Drinkwater, Charlie & Kate Campion, John Chaplin

2.0 Minutes of last Assembly

Minutes agreed for accuracy. Proposed: Mr C Ford Seconded: Mrs A Hall

3.0 Matters Arising

Mr M Poke provided an update regarding the adoption of the BT kiosk and outlined the reasons for not pursuing this as an option.

4.0 Chairman’s Report

 Mr J Drinkwater stated it has been a relatively busy year in respect of Parish Council activity and each of the parish councillors will be providing an updates on each of their respective areas of responsibility.

 Births and Deaths – Mr J Drinkwater noted the sad news of Katharine George’s death. He also noted the death of Paddy Blacker who had lived in the village for many years prior to her moving to Brailles some years ago.

 New Residents – Mr J Drinkwater formally welcomed Carla McKay - Springbank Cottage, Nick Davies and Alice Drummon-Hay – Lyndhurst, Sam and Charles Banbury to Ash Tree Hill Cottage, it was also noted the departure of Fatima Hussein to Hook Norton and replaced by Ryan Whordley and Finley Tait.

 Planning Applications

– Four planning applications received in respect of Mill Cottage (2 storey extension), Leys Farmhouse (Extension and alterations), Backside Lane (New dwelling), Land on Wigginton Road, west of Heath Farm (Conversion of barn to dwelling)

 Consultation – Mr J Drinkwater did advise residents to consult with their immediate neighbours prior to submitting planning applications; this is deemed to be good practice which the planning department encourage. He also stated that parking is a potential issue for certain parts of the village, especially in respect of builder’s vehicles and plant.

 Appreciation – Mr J Drinkwater formally thanked the following for their valuable contributions to village life: Maggie Chaplin for the website and Insight, Charlotte Douglass and her team with the Village Hall Committee, Jayne Ford for the Playing Fields Committee and the maintenance of the site, which saves the Parish Council funds, Jennie Tustian & Charlie Campion our Church Wardens, Jonathan Warr & Kate Campion for the Swerford Charity, June Haigh for researching the War dead and finally the Parish Councillors and Clerk for their support and attendance at Hook Norton remembrance day service and parade.

5.0 Financial Report

 Mrs T Poke confirmed the Precept remains at £2174.00

 Balances – Business Money Manager Account £6635.76, Community Account for Swerford Parish Council £5183.71. Expenditure for the year £1594.55. Income was £2177.77 made up of Precept and £3.77 bank interest.

 It was also noted the HSBC Chipping Norton branch was closing in the near future.

6.0 Thames Valley Police Report

 General Report – It was noted there has been more activity in respect of construction sites in the area with various items being stolen off sites and out of vans etc., Power tools being stolen from vans is an issue, therefore people need to be vigilant and report any activity to TVP via the 101 emergency number. Phil also encouraged residents to sign up for the Thames Valley Alert service which can be done online at Mrs M Chaplin stated she has signed up and finds the alerts and updates useful.

7.0 Parish Councillor’s Updates

 Defibrillator – Mr C Ford was pleased to report that 40 people are now trained to use the equipment; this has been a positive project with residents attending the training. However it was noted a number of people were not able to attend and it is therefore hoped another date can be arranged in due course. Refresher training will be run annually/bi-annually using our own training kit. Mr C Ford and Mr M Poke are guardians for the equipment and will ensure it is checked weekly and signed off.

 Footpaths & Rights of Way

– Mr M Poke reported that Windy Hill farm remains an issue and Mr M Poke and Mr J Drinkwater have met with Dan Weeks of OCC to get the signage reinstated, this still hasn’t been actioned to date, Mr M Poke will be following this up again. 13 out of the 19 stiles have been converted to make them dog friendly; the remainder will be completed over the summer.

 War Memorial Project

– Mr C Ford provided an update and confirmed the Parish Council is currently in the process of obtaining quotations from several building contractors to complete the works as specified in a recent edition of Insight. The budget has been set and it is envisaged works will be commenced and completed in approximately 4 months.

 Village Greens & Verges –

Mr M Poke stated the winter damage was considerable again this year and the Parish Council has been considering options for protecting such areas. Mr C Ford and Mr M Poke will be developing some schemes which will include the use of suitable bollards and planting. Mr M Poke said he would also welcome ideas from residents. Mr M George stated the works at Park Cottage have affected the flow of water down Backside Lane, this is being considered by the residents affected.

 Road Safety Initiatives –

Mr C Ford confirmed the Twenty’s plenty sign located at Church End had been removed by a resident, this has now been reinstated further up the Lane. Mr C Ford confirmed any further initiatives will be subjected to consultation with residents.

 Bonfires –

Mr M Poke reminder residents to consider other residents when having Bonfires and to ensure the guidance from WODC is adhered to. Copies of such guidance are displayed on all notice boards.

 Future Initiatives –

Mr J Drinkwater confirmed he has spoken to Wendy Cunningham about Swerford having its own service on Armistice Day 2018, it is hoped the village can make more of an event of it and celebrate the works for the War Memorial.

 Parish Council Vacancies –

Mrs T Poke confirmed she has resigned from the post of Clerk & RFO due to her own business commitments. It is hoped someone will volunteer to replace her with effect from the end of May 2017, Mrs T Poke stated she would provide a detailed handover and training.

8.0 Swerford Charity Report

 Mr J Drinkwater confirmed people can apply for grants. No formal report provided.

9.0 Village Hall Report

 Charlotte Douglass presented her report and formally thanked Madeleine Ford and Jane Abbot for their valuable contribution and noted they have left the committee due to other commitments. Charlotte welcomed two new members Gavin Strachan and Alex Stanton. With regard to finances Mr J Chaplin reported to Charlotte the good news that the village hall had more than broken even and the three polling days last year contributed significantly to the £640 surplus. Charlotte completed her report with a detailed overview of the activities and events held during the year and also noted the forthcoming events. Mr J Drinkwater thanked Charlotte and her team for all their hard work and dedication.

10.0 Playing Field Report

 Mr J Drinkwater noted the ROSPA report has been considered in details and some minor works undertaken to address some of the more urgent issues highlighted.

11.0 St. Marys Church Report

 Jennie Tustian provided an update on the services throughout the year and it was noted John Acreman retires in July 2018.

 Jennie provided an update regarding the required works in respect of the church roof. It was also noted a bat survey is to be undertaken in the near future.

 Charlotte and the church team have been working on a formal plan which is currently being documented; this will be published in due course.

 Mr J Drinkwater thanked Jennie Tustian and Charlie Campion for all their hard work and dedication and also acknowledged the contributions of other residents.

12.0 District Council Report

 Mr N Colston presented his report with some key themes as noted in the following bullet points as priorities for WODC in the coming year.

 2nd lowest Council Tax in the country

 Maintain service delivery in respect of waste collections, leisure centres, public amenities, planning, environmental health and pest control.

 One Oxfordshire – may go forward following the election results for County Council

 Deliver further efficiency savings and to build upon the success of shared services working

 Manage the larger housing development applications, noted a number of significant applications had been overturned on appeal

 Keep free parking – vital for protecting town centres

 Mr A Beaney reiterated the messages provided by Mr N Colston and confirmed a new contractor was now in place for waste collection and WODC were involved with the NHS consultation regarding the Horton Hospital in Banbury and Chipping Norton Hospitals.

13.0 County Council Report

 No attendance or report.

14.0 Open Meeting/Any other Business

 Mrs M Chaplin provided an update on Swerford Open Gardens on 17 & 18 June and read the press release.

 Charlotte Douglass reiterated the work being undertaken to launch St. Mary’s Church appeal and stated the document will be released in due course.

The meeting was declared closed at 20:45 hours.

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