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Whos Who and Who Does What in Swerford

Parish Council

CHAIRMAN: John Chaplin

(email: swerfordpcchair@btinternet.com)

CLERK: William Haddon


Leonard Tustian

Co representative on village hall committee.

(tel: 01608 737 523)

RFO Gavin Strachan

Jonathan Drinkwater

(email: jonathandrinkwater@talk21.com)


(email: janeabbott099@gmail.com)

Village Hall Committee

CHAIRWOMAN:-Charlotte Douglass

TREASURER:- John Chaplin

SECRETARY:- Kate Campion

Bookings/ Clerk/Keyholder:01608 737155 Charlotte Douglass.

Other members: June Haigh,Roy Haigh, Gavin Strachan, Alex Stanton,Carla McKay, Leonard Tustian (parish council rep) Charles Campion (PCC rep)

Benefice Ministry Team

Associate Minister:- The Rev'd Wendy Cunningham (with special responsibility for Swerford)

Licensed Lay Ministers:- Mrs Janet Collins

Mr Keith Disney.

Lay Pastoral Minister in Swerford:- Jennifer Tustian

Church Wardens of St Mary's:- Charles Campion, Jennifer Tustian

District Church Council

Members:- Charles Campion,Leigh Warr, Jennifer Tustian

St Mary's Bells

Tower Captain:- Sally Austin

Swerford Charity

Chairman:- Jonathan Warr

Secretary: Kate Campion

Banbury Guardian Correspondent:- Jane Abbott

Swerford website & newsletter:- Maggie Chaplin