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Do you remember

Image 1 for Do you remember
This photograph was taken in the early 1950's in Swerford village hall. The Swerford branch of the WI were having a display of 'treasures', some of which can be seen in the picture. We have been able to identify most of the group with reasonable certainty, but are in doubt about one or two. Can you help?

On the left is Elsie Evans, who lived at Mulberry Cottage. She moved to Cornwall in the early 1990's. The lady next to Elsie could be a Mrs Checkley from Wiggington or may be Mrs Boughton with a son called Derek who lives in Banbury. Next, slightly behind, is Nancy Fox, who is now deceased, from Potato Town. Her son Keith lives in Banbury. Leslie Fox farmed Leys farm in Swerford. The next two are also deceased. First is Elsie Jakeman, who was the former postmistress.

Then, in the centre at the back, is Mrs Dorothy Hutt who lived at Foxhills Farm, Swerford. Her daughter Gillian lives locally and comes to special services at St Mary's Swerford, for which she decorates the pillars in the church. There is a plaque in the church commemorating the fact that Dorothy and Frank were both churchwardens.

The identity of the lady with the white collar is a mystery.

Frances Tustian from Buttercombe Farm who now lives in Deddington is next, and the lady in the check outfit was the Rector's wife, Molly Davidson. She lives in Church Stretton. Both these women are now in their nineties. Reverend Stanley Davidson was the last rector to reside at Swerford Rectory.

Our sources agree that the little boy in the fairisle pullover is her son,and it was thought it could be Robert or Andrew. Recent information from a granddaughter of Stanley Davidson the rector suggests that it is in fact Peter. Behind him, the little girl could be Mrs Hutt's daughter Gillian, but is probably Ann, daughter of Elsie Evans, and now living in London.

If you know who any of these people are, that we were unable to identify with certainty please contact: mc-swerford@hotmail.co.uk we'd like to hear from you, especially if you have any information about the event pictured.