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Swerford Village Orchard

Image 1 for Swerford Village Orchard
The Swerford Village Orchard about to become a reality.

Twenty four trees were planted in 2010 around the village playing field area. They have been staked, numbered supplied with a treeguard and fed with bonemeal(!)

They will be discouraged from fruiting until 2012 to allow them to establish.All those who have sponsored or donated fruit trees have been supplied with a planting plan and a list of varieties. More permanent onsite details will be added later.

As well as several types of apple, and plum there are cherries, pears, medlar, quince and walnut.

In general 'local' varieties have been used where possible, and although there are sufficient trees to provide a good village amenity, the list is not closed and others can be added in the future.

Several more fruit and nut trees were planted at the beginning of 2011 as soon as the weather allowed, so all those who have kindly sponsored additions to the project can go and inspect their contribution. Again fruiting will be discouraged for two years.All plants have been labelled with their names, although not the names of their sponsors. Hopefully everyone remembers what they asked for!