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.Joint Statement Calling for the Urgent Delivery of Humanitarian Aid to Aleppo. We, UK faith leaders, jointly call on the UK Government to act to support the urgent delivery of aid to those besieged in Aleppo. In eastern Aleppo, an estimated 250,000 people, including 100,000 children, have been cut off from food and medical supplies since August 2016. The UN warns that there will soon be no food left in the besieged part of the city. This is an ancient city which has been home to people of many faiths, we pray for all those still in the city and call for action to preserve the lives of the people of Aleppo. The situation is now desperate, yet the UN is still being prevented from delivering desperately needed aid to the besieged civilians. It seems a very real possibility that the world could stand by whilst 250,000 people are facing starvation. As faith leaders we bear witness to the suffering of all those in the city of Aleppo. We call on the UK government to take action at an international level, including in the UN General Assembly, and to provide practical support to facilitate the delivery of aid to civilians in the city. The UK can lead the way in alleviating the terrible suffering of the people of Aleppo, we pray that action is taken to come to their aid. Signatories: Muslim Council of Britain, Harun Khan, Secretary Genera Baptist Union of Great Britain, The Revd Lynn Green, General Secretary Church of Scotland, The Rev Dr Richard Frazer, Convener of the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland Hindu Council UK, Sanjay Jagatia, Director. Methodist Church, Revd Dr Roger Walton, President of the Methodist Conference and Rachel Lampard, Vice President of the Methodist Conference. United Reformed Church, The Revd John Proctor, General Secretary. Sikh Council UK, Mr Gurmel Singh, Secretary General. Mohammed Kozbar, Director of Finsbury Park Mosque. Lewisham Islamic Centre, Imam Shakeel Begg. Reform Judaism, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi. Liberal Judaism, Rabbi Danny Rich, Chief Executive

Plastic Water Bottles – Did you know? The Ecumenical Water Network of the World Council of Churches is striving to get bottled water removed from Churches in Europe and America. Having had the Day of Care for Creation shared by many of the major denominations, including Methodist and Roman Catholic, it makes a point. Bottling water wastes water; typically, a litre of water is wasted for each litre of water that is bottled and it takes three times as much water to create a plastic water bottle than it does to fill it Production of plastic for bottled water consumes a substantial quantity of fossil fuels and creates both air and water pollution. The energy consumed in bottling and distributing bottled water is significant; if measured in terms of the oil equivalent, it takes ¼ litre of oil to produce and distribute a litre bottle of water. The greenhouse gas emissions as a result, burden our climate and aggravate climate change. Bottled water adds billions upon billions of plastic bottles to our burden of solid waste. Over 63 billion plastic bottles are dumped in landfills, oceans, and landscapes each year. It takes 450 years for a single plastic water bottle to decompose. If incinerated, plastic releases a variety of toxic air pollutants. There is no good way to dispose of plastic solid waste, only lesser of evils. Plastic debris, including the plastic holders for water bottles, kills more than a million seabirds every year as well as more than 100,000 marine mammals.The United Nations Environment Programme estimated in 2006 that every square mile of ocean contains 46,000 pieces of floating plastic.

OXFORD WEST FOODBANK At this time of year they always see donations of food surge. With non-perishable food items, this is great because shelves are heaving with items that will last well into the next Year..Here is a reminder of what they are always running out of, and what would help the most. - Tinned meat “meals” such as meatballs, curries, stews, chilli, pie-in-a-tin - Potatoes, either tinned cooked potatoes or ‘smash’-type powdered mash potatoes - Milk, but only UHT or powdered please, no fresh! - Long-life juice in litre or individual boxes, or squash (always preferred over cordials) - Coffee, instant in small jars is best - Sugar in small bags or cubes. Their shelves are currently overflowing with baked beans, dried pasta, soup, and cereal - so much so that they will often re-donate our supplies of these 4 items over to the Oxford food bank which deals solely in prepared meals; they are able to use overstock of items nearing their ‘best before’ month to prepare fresh dishes. Nothing donated ever goes to waste, but you can help us help others by spreading the word about our most needed items: meat, potatoes, milk, juice, coffee, sugar.