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Methodists are well known as enthusiastic singers, in choirs and congregations. Singing is still an important means of learning about, sharing and celebrating our faith.

The newly authorised hymnbook of the Methodist Church is Singing the Faith (see www.singingthefaithplus.org.uk). We use this hymn book here and have Hymns and Psalms available as well.

John and Charles Wesley first realised the power of singing to strengthen faith when they were travelling across the Atlantic to Georgia in May 1735. There was a terrible storm at sea, but a group of German Moravian Christians inspired the brothers with their confidence in God. They preached and sang hymns together and the Wesley brothers realised their own faith was much weaker.

Three years later, back in London, both John and Charles experienced a kind of conversion in which they felt a deep assurance that they personally had received salvation. Charles wrote in all about 6000 hymns, and many of them are still sung today, not only by Methodists, but by Christians across the world.

Our organ, which is in lovely order, is a four and a half octave single keyboard organ with foot pedals and seven stops. It bears two plaques recording two past members whose generosity arranged for the purchase and installation and both plaques are dedicated to the Glory of God.30th April 1966.

David, our very talented organist, holds a Singing Together hour every month or so, and it is a time for anyone at all to come an enjoy an hour of songs and hymn singing, without a religious service. A chance for anyone at all to come, before or after if you like, and see the beautiful interior of the Chapel as well, and have a cuppa. The songs and hymns to be chosen by folks there on the day (can be done in advance for anything unusual). An Afternoon of enjoyment. Next one is 4th December 2016