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Pictures of Our Events

Here are a few snapshots of the fun we have performing our shows.

I am a Lady!

One of our pantomime dames!

Oh No You're Not!

Oh Deer Me!

Poor old deer! Will the woodcutter cut out his heart or will Snow White save the day!!!

Two of our children dressed and ready to go!

Is everybody ready?

Backstage prior to a performance. The tesion is high!

No! I've forgotten my lines!

The seven deadly singers!

Our motley collection of "Deadly Singers".

Well it wouldn't be PC to call them anything else!

Lighting Crew and his supporting cast

Backstage crew make the whole thing fall in place.

With out lights no show!

Test me on my lines please!

Front of house are part of our fabulous team. No show can run with out them.

But I've got to get the doors open!

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