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Snow White Review

STANTON HARCOURT PANTOMIME – SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DEADLY SINGERS! As has become the tradition with the Northmoor Players, having just about recovered from our own pantomime frolics we look forward to going off to Stanton Harcourt to join in their fun. With a good turn out by the N.P’s we sat on the same side of what was obviously the Barny and Peter Strange Fan Club!! Audience participation came early in this pantomime and full marks to the young Snow White (Hatti Jones) and Young Albert (Fiona Brown) who coped extremely well with the boisterous banter displayed during the singing competition with both sides of the audience trying to outdo each other. But lets face it – the left side didn’t really stand a chance!! The programme asks the audience to shout and heckle loudly – well this audience certainly did as they were told! Jan Tomlinson takes a basic pantomime tale and puts her own unique twist with all the usual Stanton Harcourt jokes (and a few Northmoor ones), thus keeping the audience interested and on their toes. The scenery and costumes were very colourful and I particularly liked the upbeat music which we all sang along to during scenery changes. Sweets were distributed by the children to an ever grateful audience – followed later on by soap suds and squirty foam by The Seven Deadly Singers. Yes, The Seven Deadly Singers, an unusual combination of characters with strange names to match. Adagio (Barney Strange) made a very convincing Dopey – was he really acting I asked myself, but having met him in the pub afterwards I realised he was a smart lad. Agitato (Lucy Heath) played the part of Sneezy so well I was convinced she really did have a cold! I couldn’t help but notice a Northmoor resident (Neale Clarke) playing the part of the dame – Nurse Dotty, I would be very worried Rachel if I were you, he was enjoying himself just that little bit too much in my opinion, and I suggest you hide your make-up bag in future. Nurse Dotty and Doctor Do Very Little (Peter Strange) interacted perfectly together and their song Goodness Gracious Me was one of the highlights of the show. Prince Albert (Wayne Morris) and Snow White (Joanna Harrison) were very convincing as a young couple in love and sang beautifully together. The children (too many to mention) played their parts well as chorus animals, talking mirrors, children and of course, the washing machine. Jane Eagle (Wicked Queen) showed us her acting skills by being an evil person this year and yet last year she was the kind Fairy Godmother – full marks for playing two very different characters so well. The thing about a village pantomime is that it is fun, and everyone, children and adults looked as if they were having a great time and that’s what its all about. It was good to meet some of the cast in the local pub afterwards, they were on the “high” that you get after a good show and our group had a twinge of envy – we know that feeling – which is why we keep doing it!! I note from the programme Jan Tomlinson plans to take a well earned year off next year. I wish you all well with Peter Pan for 2006. I will be interested to see if Jan can keep away!! Well done everyone, cast and crew. Jan Waterfield – Northmoor Players.

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