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Dick Whittington Review

DICK WHITTINGTON PANTOMIME On a cold and icy night we set out to Stanton Harcourt to be entertained and entertainment we got – starting with Robbie Williams singing “let me entertain you” (not in person unfortunately). A fairy queen most certainly in the pink told us the setting of each scene in excellent verse. Youngsters as rats, turnips and Can Can girls danced throughout the show giggling away having a really good time. The hilarious Brummy Dame Eliza Scrumptious amazed us with her full cart-wheel across the stage – yow diid that reeelly well!!. Dick Whittington and his feline friend Pussy Willow, Captain Bob and Tricky Ricky sailed the oceans looking to make their fortunes and with the help of the magic carpet from Northmoor made it back home to Stanton Harcourt where Squire Blackditch was persuaded to allow his daughter Sally to marry our hero Dick Whittington. Well done to Jan Tomlinson and the Stanton Harcourt Drama Group – you amused us yet again. There were some very funny scenes, in particular, the kitchen scene with the scales. The singing was impressive with some good duets from Sally and Dick. It leaves me to say that we now know that Wayne has the biggest leaks in town. I will never look at a turnip in the same way again! Jan Waterfield, Northmoor Players.