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The Mobile Skate Park

Our Skate Park

The skate park consists of 1/4 pipe, flat bank, driveway, 2 launch ramps, 2 fly off ramps, angle grind box, manual box and an adjustable grind rail.

10 Elements in all

The 1/4 Pipe

The 1/4 pipe is 9ft wide and 4ft tall, Experienced skaters find it relatively easy to drop in and are always keen to help others gain the techniques and confidence to do the same.

The Driveway

The Driveway is designed to be installed between the 1/4 pipe and flat bank in order to provide a platform for jumps and stunts as well as an extra boost of speed when required.

The Flat Bank

The Flat Bank is basically the same as the 1/4 pipe with the exception that the transition or ramps are straight instead of curved. Occasionally we see the curios skater strive for extremes as on the street, here the skater clears the 4ft jump off the platform.

Launch & Fly Off Ramps

These four ramps can be utilised in many different ways either in pairs or singularly

The Grind Rail

The Adjustable grind rail can be used on it's own or to enhance the ramps as in this photo

Angle Grind Box

A good stable platform to accompany the ramps and as a natural stepping stone to utilise the rail

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