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Planning applications 2014

To access all planning applications on line, go to http://planning.westoxon.gov.uk/MVM/ Online/PL/ApplicationSearch.aspx and put in the appropriate reference number.

(1) Feb 2014: 14/0208/P/FP.Salford Manor Estate: Mr J Bloor. Erection of replacement dwelling with staff accommodation and garaging (to allow amendments to originally approved application 13/1747/P/FP). SPC no concerns. WODC Approved.

(2) July 2014: 14/1071/P/FP Mr N Fawdry: Brick House, Lower End, Salford. Erection of single storey extension and replace flat roof with pitched roof. SPC: No concerns. WODC approved, Aug 2014. (3) August 2014: 14/1153/P/FP Mr N Walker: Windrush, The Close, Salford. Erection of replacement garage with self-contained annexe. SPC: concerned about garage possibly becoming a separate dwelling in the future. WODC approved but with this caveat.

(4) August 2014:14/1196/F/FP Mr John Bloor: Salford Manor Estate. Erection of replacement dwelling with staff accommodation and garaging (to allow alterations to previously approved planning application in February 14). (5) August 2014: 14.1219/P/FP: Mr John Bloor: Salford Manor Estate. Change of use of land to create new vehicular access and drive to approved dwelling. SPC: approved so long as gates and outward appearance are not altered from the description in the planning application. WODC agreed and approved with this caveat.

(6) October 2014: 14/01436/P/FP Mr David Cutter: Hirons Hill Farm. Conversion of redundant agricultural buildings to create one dwelling. SPC: concerns expressed. Application subsequently withdrawn.

(7) 14/02217//FUL: December 2014: Conversion of garage to annexe, and erection of garage/hobby workshop (retrospective). Mr and Mrs Young, Leylandii, Salford. SPC: No concerns. Approved.