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Planning applications 2011

Last Updated 25 June 2012 16:18

January 2011: Ref. No. 11/0074/F/FP : Rickyard Cottage, Lower End, Salford : Erection of veranda to side. Salford Parish Council : No comments. Outcome: GRANTED............ Ref. No. MW.0010/11 : Salford Manor Estate: Continued working of existing quarry. To view details, access http://myeplanning.oxfordshire.gov.uk. Salford Parish Council: Objected. Outcome:Resubmitted with amendments(see May)

February 2011: Ref. No. 11/0258/P/FP 44 Worcester Road, Chipping Norton. Erection of 2-storey side and rear extensions and front porch. Salford Parish Council : no comments. Outcome: GRANTED

May 2011: Ref. No. 11/0700/P/FP The Gables, Cooks Lane, Salford. Erection of single storey side extension. Outcome: GRANTED. Ref.No. MW.0066/11 Salford Manor Estate: continued working of existing quarry (resubmitted with some changes). To view details, access http://myeplanning.oxfordshire.gov.uk using above reference.

July 2011: Ref No: 11/1086/P/FPEXT Salford Manor: Mr J Bamford: Erection of replacement dwelling with staff accommodation and garaging (to externd the time limit of planning permission 08.1501/P/FP. http://myeplanning.westoxon.gov.uk/MVM/ Online/PL/ApplicationSearch.aspx Outcome: GRANTED

September 2011: (1) 11/1426/P/FP: The Greedy Goose, Chastleton: Erection of kitchen extension, children's play room, function suite and 7 dwellings for holiday let. Construction of new vehicular access and car park. Mr A Harwood. http://planning.westoxon.gov.uk/MVM/ Online/PL/ApplicationSearch.aspx. Outcome: REFUSED (2) Ref No: MW.0123/11 Rollright Quarry: Dust scheme, reversing alarm details, noise monitoring point, soil bund management. http://myeplanning.oxfordshire.gov.uk quoting above reference. Outcome: GRANTED.

November 2011: Ref No: 11/1735/P/FP: Construction of replacement garden room, 1 New House Yard, Salford. Online: http://planning.westoxon.gov.uk/MVM/Onli ne/PL/ApplicationSearch.aspx quoting above reference. Outcome: GRANTED. Ref: 1/1822/P/FP: Erection of dwelling, land adj 43A Worcester Road. Online: http://plannng.westoxon.gov.uk/MVM/Oline /PL/AppliationSearch.aspx quoting above reference.