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Hanson, the minerals conglomerate, has now applied to Oxfordshire County Council for permission to dig up approximately 80 acres of land just south of Northmoor and east of Standlake.  The area is known as Stonehenge Farm, and stretches from the Windrush in the west across to Moreton Lane in the east, and to Moreton in the south.

OUTRAGE has been active since the 'seventies in opposing gravel applications in the area. It has made sure that when excavations happen, failures to abide by the conditions of the consent were reported to the County Council.

It was OUTRAGE that stopped the Watkins Farm pit from reaching the Northmoor/Bablockhythe Road, thus saving 40 acres for the village.  It was OUTRAGE that saved Stonehenge Farm from being dug fifteen years ago, when Amey Roadstone Corporation (ARC, now Hanson) applied for permission to excavate it.  OUTRAGE alerted English Heritage who scheduled about 60% of the site as an Ancient Monument.  Now Hanson are trying again.


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