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The Problem

Gravel extraction is opencast mining. It rips up the countryside, destroying its archaeology, wildlife habitats and plant species; it disturbs flood-water and ground-water flows; it causes noise and dust; and it increases heavy and dangerous lorry traffic.

West Oxfordshire and in particular this part of it has been blighted by gravel extraction for 50 years. We are surrounded by scores of lakes and pits; if Stonehenge Farm is dug, Northmoor will be on a causeway, with large bodies of water north and south.

The County Council has admitted in its own report (Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan) that:
'The Stanton Harcourt area (Lower Windrush Valley) has been subjected to more intensive mineral working and waste disposal than any other part of Oxfordshire.'

The countryside to the south of Northmoor, between the Windrush and the Thames, is one of the last parts of this landscape that has not yet been destroyed. If you want to keep it that way and feel that enough is enough, OUTRAGE needs your help NOW.

Concerns About Gravel Extraction at Stonehenge Farm:

■ Destruction of the countryside

■ Loss of our peaceful lifestyle

■ Disruption of ground water movements

■ Potential increased risk of flooding

■ Increase in lorry traffic

■ Road safety issues

■ Increase in noise

■ Increase in dirt and dust

■ Loss of local archaeology, palaeontology and Ancient Monument site

■ Loss of local plant life

■ Loss of local animal habitat

■ Loss of Thames water meadows

■ Site safety issues

■ Reducing ease of access between Standlake and Northmoor

■ Detrimental effect on recreational activities
walking, cycling and horse riding

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