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Correspondence about Title to Timberyard Room

A chronological record commencing in February 1990 after title had mistakenly been vested in trustees appointed under the Trustee Act 1925

ORCC 20 February 1990


NALC 19 March 2007


Winckworth Sherwood 25 June 2007

Solicitor 25Jun2007

Emails 5 Nov 2007-13 May 2008

Emails to 13May2008

Email Parish Clerk to Solicitor 21 May 2008

Email 21May2008

Letter Parish Clerk to Solicitor 15 June 2008

PC letter15June2008

Annexure A to Parish Clerk letter 15 June 2008

Annexure A PC letter

Charity Commission definition Village Hall

Defn. Village Hall

ACRE model A - Clauses 1 & 5

ACRE model A

Emails from 23 July 2008

Consultation solicr.

Solicitor letter 23 July 2008


Response to publication of ORCC letter


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