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Raising ten thousand pounds by levying a precept

The question of future ownership of the Timberyard Room was considered at the EGM held on 11 November 2009. Contesting a possible claim for adverse possession of allotment land was also mentioned. Discussion was complex, time- consuming and inconclusive. The meeting was adjourned. When discussion resumes it may result in a resolution to levy a precept in 2010. Ten thousand pounds has been mentioned in this context.

18 December 2009 is the closing date to submit a request for a 2010 precept to WODC.

As an example, a preliminary estimate of a 10 000 precept for these bands of property in Little Tew follows: A 67.84; D 101.76; G 169.60; H 203.52.

Please note: these are preliminary estimates.

A precept is a tax levied to meet parish meeting expenses at the request of the parish meeting, collected by the district council on behalf of the meeting.

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