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Is Mindfulness for me

Anyone can learn Mindfulness. It’s simple, you can practice it anywhere and its effects can be life changing.

Depression ‘…allowed me to cope with stressful situations without recourse to medication. … I had previously stopped taking tablets and had suffered a further period of depression necessitating going back on a low dose and consequently worried that no tablets = depression. This is a very important milestone for me. I can now acknowledge that for me certain issues are 'troubling' but I have learnt not to dwell on them and to let them go so that they do not become stressful’. A.I. Teacher ‘The 8 week course has been a life- changing experience. Having suffered from depression years I have for the first time felt that I have found something that really works. A tool that I can use for the rest of my life – I see a future’. Micki Frithz Artist

Working with Chronic Conditions (Long term MS) ‘I felt much more in tune with my body and all of my family commented on how much better I was walking and how less worried I was about thinking that I was not going to be able to do things physically’.

Stress Reduction Really useful in reducing stress and in dealing with thoughts and emotions Liz Merry Rare Book Expert / Healer The course had everything I needed. Celia Edmondson Teacher

Working with Pain ‘Hip and knee problems have created mobility difficulties for me. The walking meditation practice has been a great asset. I was frustrated with my slowness and exhausting myself… (I now) just enjoy the walking process. I enjoyed the course and found all of it useful and relevant’. J. L. Occupational Therapist Assistant, Oxford Radcliff Trust.

Creativity ‘The course has brought together fragmented bits of my life, helped me to develop mindfulness to stop stress, enabled me to look at life more creatively and developed my practice further’. V. W. Teacher

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