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Suffering from low self esteem or self worth? Constantly dealing with pain? Always feeling stressed?

If so Mindfulness maybe for you. Hugh Poulton’s Mindfulness Courses make you aware of how habitual thoughts control your daily experience. Simple techniques enable you to make different choices and respond differently.

Over the last year Hugh has been teaching courses, as part of the University of Oxford Dept of Psychiatry Mindfulness programme, at the Warneford Hospital, to a wide range of clients with chronic physical or mental conditions.

Now he is running public Mindfulness courses locally. These courses are a great way to become familiar with this fascinating approach based on Buddhist awareness training and the benefits it can bring to daily life and practice.

‘Working with the stiffest muscle in your body, the one between your ears’

For further details or to reserve your place email me or phone on 01869 340335.

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