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Minutes from Meeting 16th October 2005

Registered Charity Number 1069508 Friends of the Blake School Association Minutes of the Meeting on Thursday 6th October 2005 at 7.30pm at The Carpenters Arms, Newland, Witney Present: Carole Green – Chair (CG), Gordon Monahan – Vice Chair (GM), Sam Etheridge – Treasuruer (SE), Barbara Clark – Treasurer (BC), Ali White – Secretary (AW), Ann Bastow (AB), Mel Pratt (MP), Sarah Chapman (SC), Fiona Hayes (FH) Apologies: Nigel Everett (NE), Row Martin (RM), Mark Peacey – Secretary (MP), Ali Laithwaite (AL), Jane Cook (JC), Kirsty Watson (KW), Marilyn Trigg (MT) Absent: Item Action 1 Welcome and ApologiesChair welcomed everyone to the meeting. All apologies were accepted. 2 Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters ArisingThe minutes of the meeting on 8th September were agreed.There were no matters arising that were not on the Agenda. 3 Sponsored WalkFH gave out the proposed route and list of helpers for the walk. Depending on whether the cow and calves are in the field, there may need to be a slight diversion if felt necessary. Also, all please be aware that there are stinging nettles along the routes and children should take care. AB offered to buy the refreshments to be served after the walk and CG offered to help her serve them. It was agreed that there would be no charge for the refreshments. Teachers would be taking photos for the schools use. AB / CG 4 Outdoor ClassroomFH went through the proposed plans for the outdoor classroom and advised meeting that the cost of building a freestanding classroom was £2100 and had requested a second quote for a permanent structure – the cost of this was thought to be 4 x men days and was not envisaged to be more than £600. FH informed meeting that the work was due to be undertaking during the October holiday. CG advised meeting she has a contact that can provide polythene for the planters. AB advised meeting that she thought there was a stock of woodbark chippings in the shed that could be used for mulch for the planters – FH offered to check with Marilyn. It was agreed that there should be a plaque on the classroom in honour of those who had worked on the project. MP offered to organise plaque. CGFHMP 5 Sensory Garden (Courtyard opposite the Staff Room)Marilyn asked us whether this would be an appropriate project for the Friends to get involved with and it was agreed unanimously that this would be our next ‘venture’. All to come up with ideas (in particular how the patio stones could be brightened up) and bring them to next meeting for discussion. ALLAW – add to next agenda 6 EYU - BikesA discussion took place about funding bikes for the EYU and it was proposed that we give them £400 to spend as they feel appropriate on the bikes – this was carried unanimously. SE/BC to liaise with EYU 7 Request from Years 3/4FH informed meeting that due to the settings for Literacy and Maths, incredible pressure was being put on the resources (books etc.) to teach these effectively and asked whether there was any money in the pot to help with this. It was agreed that FH would research the costs for the additional resources and bring to next meeting for discussion. FHAW add to next agenda 9 Stepping StonesA discussion took place about fundraising for this project and it was agreed that whilst the Friends would be more than happy to organise events, any fundraising would be clearly under the banner of ‘Stepping Stones’ to separate it from the Friends fundraising for the school. It was thought to be a good idea to have a ‘link’ parent and SC offered to do this. A suggestion was made to hold a non-uniform day before the end of this calendar year, possibly in the colours of the Nigerian flag and SC agreed to organise this. FH suggested a concert in the Spring Term and agreed to start getting the ‘wheels in motion’. SC to liaise with MT & officeFH 10 Disco – Friday 11th NovemberA discussion took place about whether we should still distribute lolllies to the children as they leave and it was agreed that we would no longer do this. BC has a ‘to do’ list for the disco and will copy this to CG to use for this year. BC offered to buy the rolls and CG agreed to organise the trip to Bakers. The letter to parents needs to go out at least one week prior to the disco. Tickets need to be distributed to the teachers on the morning of the disco to give to the children as they leave school. CG, SE, AB, MP agreed to meet at the school in the morning of the 11th to do this. All Friends able to help with the disco to meet in the hall at 5,00pm on the 11th November. BCCG to liaise with BCMP to liaise with RMCG / SE / AB / MPALL 11 Christmas Bazaar – Friday 2nd DecemberSome actions needing attention now:-· We need to write to the local businesses for donations.· We need to contact Mr Long (Father Christmas)A discussion took place about which stalls to have these year – ideas so far:- CG Kids TombolaAdults TombolaJewellery (Jane Norris) Chocolate tombolaGuess the sweets in a jarWebb IvoryHuman fruit machine Videos/DVDWreathsToys and booksCakes and refreshmentsCardsTeddy tombolaWine and water Dates agreed for diary:-Trip to Bakers – Friday 4th November 1.30pmWreaths – Saturday 26th November pm – provisional dateWrapping evening – Wednesday 30th November at CG’s – 5 Meadow View, WitneyMP agreed to do the cake plates.The Christmas Bazaar will be discussed further at the next meeting. CG to check dateMPAW – add to next agenda 12 Fundraising IdeasOther ideas were discussed; Chocoholics and Shopping on the Web – to be discussed at next meeting. CG to obtain further infoAW – add to next agenda 13 Financial UpdateSE and BC advised meeting that there is currently £7038.44 in the bank account. This figure does not take into account the outside classroom costs and the whiteboard installations. We need to ascertain what funds have been committed for the after-school clubs.A discussion took place about the non-contact time commitment (currently £1500 for one year) and whether this was an ‘either/or’ situation with the after-school clubs. It was agreed that the after school clubs are an integral part of the school and that these should continue to be supported. SE to get breakdown 14 AOBJane Cook has volunteered to take over the cake raffle CG to speak to Jane 15 Date of Next Meeting7.30pm on 16th November in the staff room at the school. AW to liaise with office The meeting closed at 9.30pm