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Fettiplace Family

The documents below give useful information on the various branches of the Fettiplace family. In 1609, Henry Jones, son of Walter Jones, married Anne Fettiplace. Recently, a cookery book, inscribed Lady Elinor Fettiplace 1604, was found and the contents included in a book by Hilary Spurling titled 'Elinor Fettiplace's Receipt Book'. This is a practical cookery book, social document and a unique glimpse of Elizabethan England. The second document, below, gives a brief life of Elinor, Lady Fettiplace. The other 4 documents are notes from research carried out by Clive Williams. In the introduction to Hilary Spurling's book she talks about the history of the family: Like many other families on the make after the Norman Conquest, the Fettiplaces in their heyday put out many branches, spreading through the Midlands, along the Thames valley, down into the West country, making advantageous marriages, picking up land, doing so well that at one point they were rumoured to hold thirteen counties - ''The Traceys, the Laceys and the Fettiplaces, own all the manors, the parks and the chases''.

The Fettiplace Family

Elinor, Lady Fettiplace

Notes from Clive Williams, page 1

Notes from Clive Williams, page 2

Notes from Clive Williams, page 3

Notes from Clive Williams, page 4