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Below Stairs Research at Chastleton

Below stairs activity at Chastleton has not been subject to much research. Alan Clutton Brock's ''Chastleton House'' does not mention the kitchen! The only substantial article is John Steane's 1995 article ''Chastleton House Oxfordshire - A View From Downstairs'' in which he suggested further research. Nothing much has happened since! How many times have you been asked 'How many servants were there at Chastleton?'' Are you aware of the structural changes in the basement over time? How did the kitchen operate? Who decided the day's menu? Could we establish a special ''Below Stairs'' tour to add to Chastleton funds? These and many more questions are unanswered. Would anyone interested in pursuing such investigations please contact me, Lawrie Thompson, on 01608 674200 or email: lfdgst@btinternet.co m.

John Steane's 1995 article

Below Stairs Research Bibliography

Basement and Cellars 1992 R.C report

2013 Progress Report on Research