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Cassington Parish Council

Cassington Parish Council comprises five councillors. Elections for these positions take place every four years and were last held in May 2010. The council meets once a month in the Village Hall, usually on the first Thursday of each month. The agenda is displayed a few days prior to the meeting on notice boards (outside the school and on Bell Lane). The agenda on display gives the date of the next month’s meeting. Members of the public are warmly invited to attend council meetings. Meetings start at 7.30 p.m. There are opportunities for members of the public to speak and ask questions.The minutes of previous meetings can be found in the Cassington Newsletter.

The council’s business includes ensuring maintenance of village greens, ditches and roads. It also has the opportunity to respond to official consultations e.g. on new policies of the District Council (West Oxfordshire), County Council and the Government. It is also consulted over planning applications and alcohol licensing. It keeps in touch with the police and calls an annual parish meeting when all local groups are encouraged to report on their activities.

Chairman Cllr. Clive Wilkinson 6, St Peter’s Close, Cassington, Witney, OX29 4DX Tel 07710 296547

Vice Chairman Cllr. Olaf Rock Trelawn, The Green, Cassington, Witney OX29 4DN Tel (01865) 880389

Cllr. Anna Thomas Thornfield, The Green, Cassington, Witney, OX29 4BW Tel (01865) 880418

Cllr. Pat Clague 4, Orchard Close, Cassington, Witney, OX29 4BU Tel (01865) 882650

Cllr . Barbara King 9, St Peter’s Close, Cassington, Witney, OX29 4DX Tel 01865 883058

The Clerk to the Council;

David Casey Beech Glade, Combe Rd, Stonesfield, Witney, Oxon, OX29 8QB Tel 01993) 891347 EMAIL: cassingtonclerk@gmail.com

Other representatives whose area includes Cassington are shown below; they frequently attend Parish Council meetings:

West Oxfordshire District– councillors for the Cassington, Eynsham and South Leigh Ward

Cllr. Peter Kelland The Ferryman Inn, Bablockhythe, Northmoor, Oxon, OX29 5AT Telephone: 01865 880028

Cllr. Ed James New House, Chilbridge Road, Eynsham, Oxon, OX29 4BE Tel: 01865 731009

Cllr. Larry Poole 16, Queen Street, Eynsham ,Oxon, OX29 4QP Tel 1865 375130
Cllr. Louise Chapman – Oxfordshire County Council 8, Larkspur Grove, Witney, OX28 1AL Tel 01993 773560