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Eynsham Churches Holiday Club

Holiday Club is usually an Eynsham Churches Together event which happens every year. There are many activities during the morning but one of the highlights is singing together. Here are some of the songs we have used . Not all of them are the versions we use at the holiday club but the children will recognise them anyway! Enjoy! 2020 We are very excited to let you know that there will still be an Eynsham Holiday Club this year, although due to current restrictions it will be hosted online. We will include most of our favourite things like songs, stories, prayers, crafts, baking, games, Joe Wickes-style workouts and science experiments in a fun 45-minute video, all with our ‘Better World’ theme. Your child can then try each of these out at home in their own time, and you will have the chance to send in photos of their crafts to share with everyone else in holiday club. As we are going online, we hope to do some new things as well, like linking up with friends around the world! The Online Holiday Club will be live every morning from Monday 17 August to Friday 21 August. Online Holiday Club will be sent through a YouTube link – you can watch it each day, or catch up later (for a limited time) with anything you missed. But it will be a private link and you need to register in order to watch the content. There is no registration donation this year. Please click here to register. The club is aimed at children aged 5 to 11 years, but everyone is welcome to tune in! You can see a taster video below! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on eynshamhc@gmail.com.

Web : http://stleonardseynsham.org.uk/holiday-club/

All you need to do is register here

Taster Video