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Cassington and Worton Emergency Planning Group formed in September 2008. The group will develop emergency plans so that volunteers and residents can work together in a spirit of self- help. Emergency plans for flooding and flu pandemic are the first priority.

Please contact Iwan Hughes (880091) or David Casey (01993 891347) for more information. Group members: Sara Bolton, Terry Charles, Doug Clague, , John Hemingway, Pat Hughes, Iwan Hughes, Frances Pike, Guy Pharaon, Olaf Rock, Eithne Thornton, Graham Weston, Clive Wilkinson, David Casey(Clerk)

See the emergency plan page, to get useful phone numbers and specific information.

For more info on flu pandemic see www.dh.gov.uk/pande m icflu or www.hpa.org.uk .

For information about weather warnings see http://www.metoffic e .gov.uk/weather/u k/ u k_forecast_warnings . html

For information about flooding see http://www.environm e nt- agency.gov.uk/subje c ts/flood/floodwarni n g/

Please consider the following questions and contact one of the members above if you wish to discuss or have ideas:

  • Are you responsible for providing support to somebody?
  • How would that situation change if you or they or both were incapacitated for a period?
  • Are you aware of any people who are likely to need support typically in the event of flu or flood or other incidents?

Emergency Plan

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Cassington Local Emergency Plan

Emergency Tel. Numbers

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Local Emergency Tel. Numbers

Flood Awareness

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Flood Awareness Leaflet

Main River Map

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Main River Map 2008

Cassington Flood Report

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WODC Flood Report 2008

Cassington flood area

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Cassington Flood Map 2008

Flu Pandemic

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Flu Pandemic Planning Booklet