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Aikido is a Japanese martial art, formulated in the 1920's by Morihei Ueshiba (1883 - 1969), though its origins can be traced back to the martial skills of the 12th Century Samurai. The name Ai-Ki-Do can be interpreted as "The Way of Harmony of Spirit". It is an art that does not seek to meet violence with violence, yet still maintains its martial origins. It is based on movements which turn an attacker’s own aggressive force back to defeat them.

The techniques used in Aikido are joint immobilisations and throws, using the opponent’s momentum. It does not rely on size or strength and as such is well suited to students of either sex, young or old. It was originally conceived as a non- aggressive, non- competitive art, and although there are now sporting/competition styles our club practices Traditional Aikido, with no competitive element. Many of the techniques we use have been incorporated into police arrest techniques, as they allow control and immobilization with minimal force, and without causing injury. We occasionally practice with wooden training weapons (knife/sword/staff). This allows instruction on how to defeat an armed assailant safely, and assists in the development, understanding and application of unarmed technique. Weapon use is not taught as an aggressive skill.

A picture for Carterton-Aikido-Club

Our club was founded in Witney in 1977 by Vincent Sumpter on his return from Japan, where he spent three years working for the RAF, and attaining his 1st Dan black belt from Hombu Dojo in Tokyo in his spare time. I became his first student and have been training ever since. I have been teaching Aikido since attaining my 1st Dan black belt in April 1988, and was awarded the rank of 5th Dan in April 2010. We are an open minded and friendly club; always welcoming to new members or visitors from other Aikido clubs/organizations. If possible we practice throughout the year, generally only suspending classes for one week at Christmas, as for some reason attendance really drops for that week! ___________________Steve Souch. Senior Instructor.

contact : Steve Souch
Tel : 01993 702679
Email : steve.aikido@gmail.com